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Profit as SEO agency from our tools and optimize your customer projects on keyword basis (CTR optimization). Our know-how = your success ! Start today and bring your customer projects on the road to success.

Whitelabeled, transparent, low-cost and above all sustainable.

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Our services for SEO agencies - user signals

Google takes values such as the CTR (Click Trough Rate), the length of stay and the bounce rate into account when calculating the relevance of a website. The better these values are, the better the position will be with corresponding keywords in the SERPs.

You can also profit sustainably from our services for SEO agencies. We deliver what you need to complement your SEO offer in a meaningful and successful way.

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Qualitative high-quality keyword user signals from real users in your target country

The CTR (Click Trough Rate), the dwell time and the bounce rate are not new values for Google's relevance calculation. However, these values are becoming more and more important in search engine optimization.

We can provide you with exactly this to effectively support your daily SEO work. Scalable, transparent and above all sustainable.

We supply real users (not bots) who visit the target page you have defined via Google search with the keyword you have commissioned. With this we improve the CTR for the booked keyword and at the same time ensure a low bounce rate as well as a longer dwell time.

Our users follow clear instructions and adhere strictly to our guidelines. Our system monitors the correct execution in real time.

RISK FREE! The websites placed by you can not be devalued on the basis of our service by Google, because the flow of visitors can not be replicated!

These values can be freely scaled:

  • number of users (per day)
  • Country of origin (also internationally possible)
  • Length of stay (from / to seconds)
  • Call up further subpages
  • time distribution over the day
  • Age (from / to)
  • Gender
  • Device (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile)
Add to your SEO offer now and get better rankings on Google & Co in less time for your customer projects without a fixed term.

Tools & Analysis - Our Desktop-APP

So that you can keep an eye on all important data, we have created an application for evaluating the relevant data. Transparency is important to us. The output data is updated in real time. We make our app available to you free of charge.

Our APP offers:

  • Dashboard for a quick overview of delivered user signals and running costs.
  • Overview of all current customer projects with detailed information
  • Information on the ordered keywords (settings, status, ordered and delivered user signals as well as the current position of the keywords on Google with multiple daily updates)
  • Evaluation of all important metric data about your customer projects (visibility, list of ranking keywords with positions, user behaviour, jump rates, target pages, conversions, etc.)
  • Customer project investment
  • Order system for new keywords
  • White Label AdKlick Tracker (Google AdWords Tracking with IP addresses export and visit time recording)
additionally you can:
  • Retrieve and calculate keyword data (data for calculation such as search volume, CPC and necessary signals can be retrieved). On the basis of this data, our system calculates a suggested price that you can offer to your customer.)
We are continuously expanding our application in order to be able to offer you many more measured values and possibilities in the future.

Our price - Fair, Cheap, Transparent

We have designed our agency prices in such a way that you are able to calculate your own price for your customer yourself. They are not bound by any terms or periods of notice. Of course you enjoy 100% customer protection with your customer projects, we commit ourselves permanently not to enter into an own business relationship with one of your customers.

Our APP provides you with a tool for calculating the price of a keyword. You can calculate a suggested customer price based on the relevant data of a keyword (the search volume, the current CPC and the number of necessary user signals) and directly see your purchase price.


We offer our service without contract period, you only pay for delivered signals and can cancel any keyword at any time. From a total volume of more than 10,000 signals per month, we negotiate individual terms with you. All prices are exclusive of 19% VAT.