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Published at 01.06.2019 from Christoph Bayr

User signals

There are many small puzzle pieces that make a successful search engine optimization. Google has established more than 200 criteria to determine the relevance of a website. The focus of...

Published at 29.03.2018 from Christoph Bayr

Mobile Version First

On November 4, 2016, Google announced that it would introduce a Mobile First Index at the end of 2017. Mobile first means that Google will organize its search results based...

Published at 04.12.2017 from Nadja Tscherner

Domain age

Search engine optimization of websites (SEO) is the constant attempt to peer behind the scenes of search engine operators, especially Google as the most important search engine. It is clear...

Published at 16.10.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Favorize keyword domain

The keyword domain is still in demand. But is it still possible to influence the Google Ranking? And what is the difference to the Branded Domain?...

Published at 21.09.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Search engine friendly URLs

The address design of individual pages and directories should not be neglected when building a website. Search engine friendly URLs provide more information for the visitor and the web crawler...

Published at 12.09.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Usability - easy to use

Complicated, confusing or overloaded websites confuse the visitor, because he cannot easily get to the content he is looking for. If a user can't find the information he needs quickly...

Published at 03.08.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Use a SSL certificate

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and the resulting Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate help to transmit encrypted data via the Internet....

Published at 19.07.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Fast loading times

Fast loading times of a website are more important than ever for the ranking on Google. Because the Internet has become more fast-paced. Users prefer to access information more quickly...

Published at 03.05.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Topic-relevant content

Whether the information educates, amuses, stimulates, entertains or simply informs us is not so important. Much more important and satisfying is the fact that Google always provides us with the...

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