Published at 05.09.2017

Accelerated mobile pages - AMP

With AMP, smartphone and tablet are the tools of today.

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Accelerated mobile pages - AMP AMP (Accelerated mobile pages)

The Internet and increasingly especially the mobile Internet have become an integral part of our lives. The smartphone or the tablet are the tools of today with which users can access the Internet from anywhere. It is possible to quickly check or order something, read the online newspaper, the train or follow a blog. These are the activities of modern and mobile Internet users.

Of course the user behavior also has an influence on search engine optimization (SEO). It, too, had to become more mobile. The first step was responsive designs, which can optimize web content tailored to the end device. The next step was the introduction of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) by Google in 2016.

The average modern website is overloaded with a lot of information like pictures, videos, scripts, paywalls and banners. As a result, pages are loaded only slowly, especially on mobile devices. Loading speed has long been a ranking relevant criterion for Google. But it is also important to the user, because loading a page on the mobile device is often aborted if the process takes too long. To say it a little less technically, the web pages on the AMP version are extremely simplified and can be loaded thereby enormously fast. This increase in speed naturally reduces the abort rates. As a result, the user's surfing volume is also spared, which allows him to use accelerated mobile pages preferentially.

AMP preference in the search results
Websites with AMP content receive an extended presence on the results page in the mobile search. Classic pages without AMP are thus displaced downwards in the mobile search on the result list. This gives pages based on AMP a clear advantage in mobile traffic. The bottom line is that accelerated mobile pages lead to more clickable placements and thus open up greater traffic potential.

AMP is the latest way to deliver websites to mobile browsers and is also clearly preferred by Google. Web pages are prepared in terms of data volume so that they can be loaded more quickly on mobile devices.
  • Meanwhile there are suitable plugins for almost all CMS systems. We can't give a blanket answer as to whether they are compatible with the system you are using. But it's definitely worth to look at it.
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