Published at 05.01.2017

Call to action area - Contacting made easy

Without call to action, the whole effort would be worthless

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Call to action area - Contacting made easy We all know that! Stylish websites with countless functions, top models laughing in your face, everything is in motion - but the elementary parts that the visitor would need for action are not to be found. Either they are styled in such a "modern" way, that they merge with the rest of the layout or they are simply hidden. Because one thing's for sure. A designer always looks first at the layout and then at the usability. He sees himself as an artist and must stand out from the crowd. This is the product he values and with which he earns his money.

But your product is probably a different one and you have built your website on the fact that the visitor is carrying out an action. It does not matter if it is a contact, a click on the shopping cart or a link to another website.

The call to action area must occupy the most prominent place on your site.

In addition to placement, design naturally plays a major role. The call to action area must be found at the first glance. There are many possibilities to do that, like different fonts types or sizes, colors, animations or graphics. Help the visitor with large icons or arrows to find the right way for you.

It is important, that the call to action stands out against the rest of the page elements! If the whole page is moving the call to action area could be the only one to rest or it has a fixed place in the menu or at the edge of the screen. If the animations usually come from the left, for example, the important button should come from the right. A contrary colour on a banner, perhaps additionally provided with a box shadow, can hardly be overlooked. Because one thing must be clear to all of us!

If the visitor does not find the call to action button, all effort was worthless.
  • Place contact forms and order functions in clearly visible areas of your site. Preferably at the top of the page.
  • Clearly show your phone number, so that the user does not have to search for it.
  • Keep ordering processes as simple as possible, reduce the provision of personal data to the bare minimum. Clearly show where the shopping cart and checkout area are.
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