Published at 16.10.2017

Favorize keyword domain

Why something like a keyword domain still works ?

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Favorize keyword domain The keyword domain is still in demand. But is it further possible to influence the Google ranking? And what is the difference to the branded domain?

Nomen est omen. This applies even more to domain names. Most companies today choose domain names according to either the company name or the product name to be advertised. This form of domain selection is also known as branded domain names. Translated, this means "domain name by brand". In addition to brand domain names, however, for quite some time there have been clever SEOs that secure keyword domains. The keyword domain is perfectly matched to a specific keyword. The technical term is exact match domains.

At a time when search engines were still quite unknown, keyword domains guaranteed to attract visitors to the site. Anyone who owned a domain with a relevant name that related to a well-frequented search field had the market literally under control. The first years even search engines reacted quite positively and ranked the keyword domain automatically higher. But with the Google EMD update this was over. From then on, search engines concentrated more and more on what you could actually see on websites. And that's the content. This is a good thing, because it ensures that spam websites that do not offer any real added value are sorted out by the search engines through devaluation. The fairness of the downranking can be disputed.

More important in this context is the question of whether the keyword domain has had its day. Search engine optimizers can deny this from practical experience. Of course, nowadays the keyword domain alone does not bring any visitors to the homepage. Like everything else, it's the mix that makes it here. A keyword domain that includes positive SEO, is neatly scripted and perfectly maintained is almost certainly one of the winners. It will continue to be given preferential treatment and will be high in the rankings. Especially companies with relevant and clear offers or start-ups that can adapt their name to the website will therefore be better off with the keyword domain.

The conclusion is therefore: Whoever does everything right with SEO will also score points with a keyword domain.

Place your bet on a domain name that already contains the most important keyword. It's no secret that Google pays more attention to domains published under a keyword domain.
  • Make sure that the keyword are placed already be at the beginning of the domain. (Example:
  • Exact match domains (EMD) should be preferred. (Example: or These are domain names that correspond exactly to the keyword that is important for you.
  • Prefer top level domains (TLD) of your country, for Germany .de for Austria .at. It has been shown that national domains rank higher than international domains.
For further interesting information, visit the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide. SEO guide

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