Published at 03.01.2017

Header tags and their correct use

Header tags are very important and useful in search engine optimization (SEO).

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Header tags and their correct use The header tags are used to highlight headings and make them more visible. Here, the correct application is particularly important, and less is sometimes more. Therefore the H1 tag may only be used once on each subpage.

Ensure, that the headings are well designed. This means, no accumulations of keywords or non-topic content. It is optimal to start the H1 tag with the master keyword. On the one hand Google prefers H1 headings, on the other hand they should arise the interest of the reader.

If you want to place additional keywords on the page, use the additional header tags from H2 to H6. It is also important, that these tags contain meaningful short texts with or without keywords.

Header tags differ in size, appearance and importance.

While the H1 header tag has the largest font size, the tags are getting smaller and smaller up to the H6 header tag. For Google the H1 header tag is the most relevant, followed by H2 and H3 header tags. Bringing up the rear are the header tags H4 to H6 .

The headings not only valorize your website, but also have a significant impact on what Google considers important on your site. Keywords that can be found in the H1 header tag are usually also listed in the search engine hit lists (SERP's).

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