Published at 13.03.2017

Image description with the alt attribute - Google can't do Photoshop

Without image description with the alt attribute, Google would be blind to images, graphics, and icons.

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Image description with the alt attribute  - Google can't do Photoshop We are constantly telling our customers that a website is actually subject to the same layout principles as a brochure, flyer or newspaper advertisement. In other words, in addition to structure and color theory, eye-catchers are important for attracting the user's attention.

And what attracts more attention than a well-placed, well-chosen, perfectly prepared image ?

Especially at the top of the page, full page images have become a dominant element in web design. Trendsetters such as Apple or Redbull have shown this clearly on their websites.

But what can Google, a machine, do with your perfectly illuminated and edited image? For the Google crawlers, your image is just a line of code, often with nonsensical filenames that are only logical for the webmaster. Hea_fro_1.jpg or slicontex67.png do not really help the software to capture your website.

Describing images is therefore of immense importance for search engine optimization.

Include image descriptions in the alt / title attribute of images. A short sentence, including the keywords of the page, is advantageous.
  • Each image on your page must have an alt attribute
  • Build a short sentence with the keyword of the page
  • Because one thing must be clear to us! Should a browser, for whatever reason, not display the images of your website, it will show the description instead. If you forgot to describe the images (title and alt text), the browser will display the file name.
    And hea_fro_1.jpg is not very visitor friendly at all!

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