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Link description with the title attribute

Link description not only helps you with Google & Co

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Link description with the title attribute Yes! I know that link description is not always easy. Especially CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla do not offer optimal solutions.

The WordPress media library provides perfect tools for creating alt and title texts, but there is no way past the code, regarding the links. Using Joomla, there are few possibilities when it comes to title and alt attributes in the content. It is crucial to install new editors or other tools.

Here the CMS developers separate the wheat from the chaff, in terms of SEO! If you don't want to rely on plugins you have to learn the basics of HTML. There are lots of good tutorials for this purpose on the net:
But the title attribute is not only important for Google.

Use the possibility to describe links with the title attribute to give the user further information. For example, in this article we referred to 3 tutorials and used the title attribute to provide information about the linked websites. In that way, the user already learns a lot about the link target without having to use it.

Beware! Menus are also links.

We like to forget that the most important and most frequently used parts on a website are links, too. The CMS operators have implemented very good functions for this.

Take your time and set the title attribute for all menue items. Your Google ranking as well as your visitors will thank you for it.
Describe each link on your page with the title attribute, the user and the search engine should be able to understand underlies it.
  • Each link should have a title attribute
  • Use a short phrase, including the keyword of the target page
For further interesting information, visit the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide. SEO guide

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