Published at 04.01.2017

Optimal page title & 55 characters are not always enough

An optimal page title is the first contact to your website.

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Optimal page title & 55 characters are not always enough You know how it is! You search for information on Google, find a supposedly suitable website but when you visit it, the content is just not what you need. Many webmasters write all sorts of stuff into the page title and description, hoping to attract as many visitors as possible.

In reality, they damage the ranking of their site, because for Google, the time spent on a website is an important user signal for the quality of a website.

The rule is: The longer a visitor stays on a site, the better the Google ranking is

Choose for each page an optimal page title attribute, it should always contain the keyword or keywords.
  • Do not use titles longer than 55 characters, otherwise they will be truncated by (...).
  • The keyword should be found at the beginning of the title.
  • The title is displayed as a heading in the SERP's, make sure that you clearly show what you offer and what your page contains, even if you specify the keyword.
  • Each of your subpages should have its own individual title.
An optimal page title should be short and expressive, provide information about the website in a few words and contain the keyword at the beginning of the title. And all this in only 55 characters. Not easy!

Is it exactly 55 characters?

Actually it is exactly 600px that Google provides for the display of the page title. With a font size of 18px and the font Arial you are on the safe side with 55 characters.

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