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PHP programming

PHP programming - many reasons speak for it

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PHP programming As the most widely used programming language, PHP is the language for developing dynamic web applications. PHP programming is suitable for three main areas, but basically PHP can do anything that any other programming language for dynamic applications can do.

PHP simply works

Comparing programming languages is difficult because each has its advantages and disadvantages. Basically, however, the claim that PHP is simple and fast clearly applies. According to experts the syntax of PHP is superior to ASP (Active Server Pages) and JSP (Java Server Pages), it is more powerful than ColdFusion and much easier to learn than Pearl. These advantages make PHP the most widely used programming language.

Further advantages lie in the independence from platforms. Thus it runs under UNIX as well as under Windows or MacOS and other operating systems. This also applies to the cooperation with different web servers. But the advantages are far from complete. PHP is also very communicative and offers numerous functionalities for successful cooperation with other systems such as mail servers, databases, online programs for payment processing or protocols.

PHP programming - strong in three areas
PHP scripts are preferably used in server-side programming and command line programming. When using PHP-GTK even desktop applications can be realized.
  • Server-side programming is the preferred area of application for PHP. The basis are the PHP parser as CGI or server module, a web server and a web browser.
  • Command line programming - this form of PHP programming is ideal for programs that are regularly executed on Unix-like systems by cron or the Windows Task Scheduler, or scripts to perform simple text processing.
  • Desktop applications - a special for PHP professionals who use advanced PHP features in client-side applications or who basically write cross-platform applications.
And last but not least PHP is not only fast, versatile and easy to learn, but OpenSource software and downward compatible. SEO guide

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