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Responsive layout / mobile websites

Responsive layout and mobile websites - what you need to know

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Responsive layout / mobile websites Responsive layout or responsive design is a special form of website that is optimized for use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is especially important because even on modern smartphones many functions, such as the Flash Player, are not available.

In addition, the display of tablets and smartphones is much smaller, therefore the design of the website must be adapted in order that the visitor can also get all the information that is important to him. The goal of responsive design is to customize a website, so that it works on all mobile devices, displays correctly and provides the highest level of usability.

By 2019, more than 3.1 billion people will be using the Internet via mobile phones. Source:

Why is responsive layout important? Responsive layout is of great importance on the Internet today. A large number of users now surf the Internet with their smartphone or tablet. The tendency is rising. The reason for this is obvious: almost everyone today has a smartphone or tablet and can therefore look up something spontaneously on the Internet as soon as the need arises. Therefore, the interests of mobile users are different: they search for specific information. A great design or pop-ups are more likely to be perceived as annoying.

Search engines have also recognized the trend towards mobile devices. Responsive design, user-friendliness for mobile devices, etc. now also have a strong impact on the ranking. In short: Without a functioning responsive layout, the website is rated negatively by the search engines. The giant of search engines, Google, has recently confirmed the trend towards mobile surfing with its announcement to use a new mobile first index in the future.

Responsive layout is important for any website. It does not only have a positive effect on the search engines and the ranking, but should also be in the own interest of the webmaster. Because: Responsive layout guarantees that a website is displayed and functions correctly even on mobile devices. This means that you make sure that your customers can use your online shop successfully. If you avoid responsive layout, you will lock yourself from a large - and increasing - number of potential customers and visitors.

Google expects that a web page can be displayed correctly on any computer and mobile device. Only place your bet on a web page that is displayed correctly on all devices. Keyword: responsive webdesign / mobile websites
  • Responsive web design is the standard, whether a standalone mobile version makes sense for you depends on the amount of content provided.
  • Consider that with a separate mobile version of your website you may have a much greater administrative effort to publish content.
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