Usability - easy to use Complicated, confusing or overloaded websites confuse the visitor, because he cannot easily get to the content he is looking for. If a user can't find the information he needs quickly and easily on your site, he will feel like he´s wasting his time. The visitor will soon leave the site and look elsewhere. This must be avoided !

In addition, a short stay of a visitor has a negative effect on the Google ranking (see also "Topic-relevant content" and "Optimal page title").
Therefore, it is important to support your users in finding information by designing your website in a well-structured way. Through a good usability you can win more visitors and customers.

Make life easier for your visitors !

Use an easy navigation that everyone understands
Use clear and simple terms for your navigation. The most important elements of your page should come first in the navigation order. It is important, that the navigation is understandable for visitors of your website. You can describe the individual menu items even better with the title attribute and give hints on the information that can be found behind the respective menu item.

Combine related content into submenus
A good structuring of your navigation is important ! Avoid overlapping contents and summarize everything that belongs together in submenus.

Use a sticky header
A sticky header is a navigation bar that always remains visible when scrolling. Thus, the user always has the main menu items of the page in view and can switch to another subpage or another area of the website at any time. SEO guide

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