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Use a SSL certificate

With anSSL certificate, you gain confidence at first glance.

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Use a SSL certificate The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and the resulting Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate help to transmit encrypted data via the Internet.

The encryption by SSL should always be provided with a SSL certificate. This prevents third parties from transmitting their own certificates to sender and recipient and thus viewing and changing information. To obtain a SSL certificate, an external certification authority is consulted.

Where is the SSL certificate used?
When a web page is called up on a server, the server sends a SSL certificate, which gives the client (e.g. the home PC) the possibility to check the server name and the trustworthiness. If the server is classified as trustworthy, a key can be generated and data can be sent using symmetric encryption. This process is considered to be very safe.

Confidence at first glance
By looking at the address bar visitors can see whether a website has an SSL certificate or not. This creates trust - already when a page is called up. An address line with green letters, a lock symbol or an https at the beginning of the line and the TrustLogo on the website show the visitor that the operator of the site has an SSL certificate.

Google sets on SSL
Since January 2017, Google Inc. has been committed to the widespread use of SSL-encrypted data transfer. Google's browser Chrome therefore classifies websites without SSL certificate as insecure. The Google search engine also lists the pages classified as safe at the top places. The search engine should also protect against dangers, dubious site operators and eavesdropping attacks. It remains to be seen whether Google will achieve the hoped-for increase in trust through this measure.

At the height of time
In summary, the SSL certificate is a must for modern websites and a win-win situation for website operators and visitors. The Google ranking is better for websites with SSL than for comparable websites without certification. The visitor notices that the website operator can identify himself. Personal data can be transmitted more securely and privacy is protected to a high degree without readout and modification. SSL encryption therefore brings security and many advantages.

Google prefers websites that offer secure data transfer between server and client. Purchase an SSL certificate and use it correctly.
  • It is still controversial whether Google actually prefers websites with an SSL certificate. Our experience tells us a clear "YES"
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