Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Immediate success with professional search engine advertising (SEM / SEA).

Get new customers, immediately ! Search engine marketing (SEM) & search engine advertising (SEA) are the ideal means to generate new customers quickly and easily. The classics are the Google Ads, where new visitors are already appearing after a very short time. Even with a small budget you can achieve significant success in search engine advertising.

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Search Engine Advertising & Google Ads | We optimize your Ads campaigns and get you on the road to success

Why search engine marketing makes sense

All relevant search engines such as Google, offer the possibility of using targeted search engine advertising for a fee. The ads appear when users enter certain search terms. This type of marketing is the optimal complement to a competently implemented search engine optimization (SEO).

Visibility in search engines is of great importance as most users click on commercial offers via Google and Co. The number of visitors to your homepage increases quickly with precisely tailored advertisements. These ads appear highlighted in the search results. Experience has shown that many visitors use these links.

Search engine marketing (SEM) takes effect immediately after the ads have been placed, while the positive effects of SEO become apparent only after some time. In the best case your advertisement and your homepage, which is listed high in the ranking, will appear with the suitable search terms. Then you can look forward to many visitors and increased sales.

Optimal search engine advertising: what deluxe Marketing has to offer

As an established advertising agency in online marketing, we realize efficient search engine advertising for you. We intensively analyse, which keywords are worth advertising with. In addition, we design advertisements for Google Ads and other programs, that stand out from the competition and immediately catch the eye of users. Visitors click on the ads only when the short texts are unique and provide concisely important information.

We regularly check the effectiveness of search engine advertising. If, for example, the number of clicks for certain keywords is not convincing, we immediately adjust the strategy. With this conceptual and professional approach, we ensure that you can use your advertising budget efficiently. Our SEM experts ensure an attractive cost-benefit ratio.