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Through a professional Google search engine optimization you can increase the visibility of your company and achieve better rankings of your website in the organic search results. This way, potential customers will be able to find you better.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) | Now in the top 10 on Google & Co.

With Search Engine Optimization in the Top 10 at Google

A professional search engine optimization consists of measures that improve the ranking of a website in the organic search results of Google and Co. sustainably. Search engines work according to certain specifications. For example, the Google algorithm decides which pages rank well and which less. For this reason, it is very important to know the criteria that Google bases its analysis on. However, Google changes its algorithm at regular intervals and tries to improve it further. For a first-class SEO agency, it is essential to know these Google updates and to adapt the SEO measures taken if necessary.

Deluxe Marketing has many years of experience in the field of search engine optimization and therefore knows the necessary criteria exactly.

  • What does the term search engine optimization mean?
  • The importance of good search engine optimization
  • SEO: A big challenge for website operators
  • deluxe Marketing: Competent SEO from professionals
  • Sustainable and successful SEO search engine optimization
  • WDF*IDF in search engine optimization

What does the term search engine optimization mean?

SEO is the abbreviation of the English term "Search Engine Optimization". In classical SEO, a distinction is made between OnPage and OffPage Optimization. All measures that can be carried out directly on the website itself are part of OnPage Optimization. This includes the optimization of meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags for images or links as well as the URL structures of the website. The responsiveness of the page is also of great importance. This refers to the display of a website adapted to the respective device. Responsiveness is mainly aimed at mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

OffPage Optimization measures, on the other hand, are not carried out directly on the website and are much more difficult to implement. The creation of topic-relevant backlinks or social media signals are just a few examples.

The importance of good search engine optimization

Most users work with search engines such as Google to find the right results for a specific topic. A website without appropriate search engine optimization measures is virtually invisible on the World Wide Web. The desired rush of visitors thus does not take place. The success of your company therefore depends crucially on the keywords you chose and where you are listed in the Google result pages. You should at least aim for a top 10 position on Google's organic search results, even better a top 3 position. This can only be achieved through professional search engine optimization.
 If your page appears high up in the search engine ranking, you can be pleased about high visitor numbers and thus a large turnover potential. However, you have to work out this ranking by performing a professional search engine optimization (SEO).

Although Google offers appropriate measures to increase the visibility of your page, Google lets you pay for it accordingly. We are talking here about the so-called AdWords ads. These ads are always displayed above the organic search results. You define a budget and a period in which your website is advertised by Google. If a potential customer or prospective customer clicks on this advertisement, a defined click price is due for each click. The amount of this price depends on the respective keyword and the search volume. It can range from a few cents up to several euros. However, if your budget is used up, your website disappears again in nirvana, as this is not a permanent and sustainable measure.

With a professional search engine optimization you lay the foundation for a good visibility in the search results, and this even permanently!

SEO: A big challenge for website operators

In order to achieve a good ranking, your homepage must meet numerous requirements. High-quality content plays an important role in this. The content must contain the respective search terms under which you want to be found with your website. Structured written texts on a website are therefore particularly important. The first sentences must immediately show what the page is about. Only this way a user can find the desired content immediately. Likewise, each subpage should be accessible with a maximum of three clicks. Therefore a clear and well structured navigation with "sticky headers" is indispensable. The navigation should also remain visible when scrolling on the page. Search engines also consider many other aspects. These include, for example, legible URL´s, the integration of social media and the labelling of images.

In view of these many facets, search engine optimization requires well-founded professional knowledge as well as a lot of experience. An additional complicating factor is that Google and Co. are constantly revising and adapting their search algorithms.

deluxe Marketing: Competent SEO from professionals

Therefore, it is best to commission an expert for the search engine optimization of your website. As an established full-service agency in online marketing, deluxe Marketing guarantees you convincing results and sustainable success. Our experts analyse the current state of your website, identify potential and exploit it through appropriate measures. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding and free quote for your Google search engine optimization. It is our claim to bring you into the top 10 of organic search results on Google!

Sustainable and successful SEO search engine optimization

In the area of SEO search engine optimization we extend your homepage in the first step. Your texts, which contain all relevant key terms for your offer, will be optimized gradually. For this we work together with professional copywriters. They ensure stylistically flawless and topic-relevant texts, which of course also offers added value to your content. 

In further steps we eliminate all errors on your pages, use SEO techniques correctly and sensibly, ensure an optimal delivery speed, optimize the display of your website for mobile devices and take care of a sustainable and solid backlink profile. Should search engines change their algorithms and adjustments become necessary, we can react immediately and individually by constant monitoring of all data. A solid Google search engine optimization of your website is an ongoing process, therefore it is elementary to rely on constant and consistently error-free optimization methods.

WDF*IDF in search engine optimization

The importance of WDF*IDF in Google search engine optimization has increased recently. With this method the relevance of your website content can be compared with the content of your competitors. With a WDF*IDF analysis you can find out if all important keywords for the search query are present in the texts of your website. It is a challenge to write texts of a website in such a way that they perform well in the WDF*IDF analysis and contain the most important keywords. After all, the content should be interesting and easy to read for your visitors. Texts with randomly distributed keywords will certainly not meet with much enthusiasm. When correctly implemented, however, the WDF*IDF analysis is an excellent way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

We at deluxe Marketing have the necessary experience and expertise to successfully implement this method for you.

We look forward to getting to know you. Let our professionals advise you in a personal and free consultation on the subject of search engine optimization.