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More success with a placement on the first result page.

We bring you with your website to the first page on Google and Co under the desired search terms (keywords). A placement on the first search result page brings not only more visitors, but also more real potential buyers to your site.

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Search Engine Placement | We place you in the top 10 on Google & Co

We bring you to the first page of Google & Co. !

Would you like to achieve more success with your website or more sales with your onlineshop? Then you have to be found at Google & Co. on the first page ! There's no way around that!

Of course we won't tell you how we get you to the first page on Google. But we are happy to prove it to you !

We know that a solid and sustainable search engine optimization and a good search engine placement are an elementary foundation for your entrepreneurial success. Therefore we do not focus on questionable but only on sustainable measures to achieve an ideal search engine ranking for you.

In addition to the onpage optimization, which is the core of a solid search engine optimization and search engine placement, we create a solid backlink profile with topic relevance to your site. We place and optimize your Google Business entry and build a meaningful sitemap to your pages. Following the optimization, we naturally keep an eye on all important key figures and react immediately if something changes in your search engine placement.

Rely on our experience and profit permanently from a good search engine placement.

We are breaking new ground in SEO !

User signals play an increasingly important role in search engine optimization and placement. The CTR (Click Trough Rate), the dwell time and the bounce rate are not new values for Google's relevance calculation. However, these signals have become more important since Google's last rollout.

This is exactly where we start ! We break new ground to bring you to the first page on Google.

We will be happy to explain further details to you in a personal consultation. We look forward to getting to know you.