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Achieve an ideal ranking with Google & Co.

A website with an attractive layout and an appealing mix of information and emotion is no guarantee for successful advertising on the worldwide web.

Deluxe Marketing is your competent partner for a successful search engine optimization. Years of experience, creativity and effectiveness are just a few of the catchphrases our SEO agency stands for.

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SEO Optimization | Solid and sustainable optimization for top results in SEO

SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization = SEO)

In the World Wide Web, success consists of three letters: SEO. SEO is an abbreviation that stands for "Search Engine Optimization". The term "SEO Optimization" is often used as well, which is another synonym for the search engine friendly revision of a website. A website that is not found in the Internet will neither help search result-oriented visitors nor the operator of the site. A professional search engine optimization is therefore a basic requirement for your successful online presence. Search engines such as Google & Co. pursue the goal that potential customers or prospective customers reach their thematically suitable Internet presence with just a few clicks. Considering the multitude of internet pages on the net, this fact represents a great challenge for every website operator. For this reason a professional SEO website optimization is simply indispensable. A comprehensive know-how as well as the necessary experience are essential in Google SEO optimization.

Deluxe Marketing is your competent partner for a successful search engine optimization. Years of experience, creativity and effectiveness are just a few of the catchwords our SEO agency stands for. We offer our clients and agencies a sustainable cooperation, which is characterized by useful services. Together we bring you and your company to a top position through our strengths in search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Achieve an optimal ranking with Google & Co.
  • SEO keyword analysis
  • More than just keywords
  • SEO OnPage Optimization
  • SEO OffPage Optimization
  • Graphics, videos & Co.
  • Data protection and search engine optimization
  • What characterizes a good SEO agency?

Achieve an optimal ranking with Google & Co.

Certain factors that influence the ranking of a website change over time and become increasingly complex. Through sophisticated strategies, patience and effective tools, an optimal ranking on the search result pages - also called SERPs - can be achieved. Studies have shown that the majority of users click on the first matches of the search results page. As a rule, all subsequent results are hardly noticed. A top 10 placement in the search results should therefore be the desired goal. In order to achieve this, appropriate measures are required. An SEO website optimization always includes the following steps: SEO keyword analysis, SEO OnPage Optimization and SEO OffPage Optimization.

SEO keyword analysis

The basis for every successful SEO search engine optimization is the SEO keyword analysis.
 Every website for which SEO optimization is performed, requires a thorough keyword analysis. The keyword research is an essential part of the conception phase for the Google SEO optimization. Keywords that are not yet ranked optimally can then be optimized by special tools for search engines.

More than just keywords

Many website operators are mistaken in the belief that a certain percentage of relevant keywords alone can positively influence the Google ranking. Often the identified keywords are simply placed anywhere on the website. The result is content or SEO texts that are not convincing in terms of readability and expressiveness and do not leave a professional impression on visitors. Instead of conveying interest, such texts tend to deter website visitors.

SEO optimization at deluxe Marketing means lively wording, in which search engine optimization does not sound artificial. In addition, the regional findability is particularly focused by a local reference. Thus, our agency combines first-class texts with a successful SEO website optimization.

SEO OnPage Optimization

If you deal more intensively with the topic search engine optimization (SEO), you will frequently come across the term "onpage optimization". SEO OnPage Optimization refers to all measures or changes to your website, that you do by yourself.

The SEO OnPage Optimization is the basis of a solid and sustainable search engine optimization and is therefore the most important building block to success. If you have the necessary expertise, this form of search engine optimization is the first milestone for a free of charge SEO optimization. 
This includes the review or adaptation of the page texts - also called content in specialist circles - as well as the quality level of the texts used. A further important point is the examination of the formattings, headings, tags, technical aspects as well as the internal link structure of the web page.

Pay special attention to these points during the search engine optimization and you will see that the placement of your web page improves lastingly. Also keep an eye on all important key figures such as user signals, user behaviour (dwell time and bounce rate) and CTR (click through rate) and react if necessary with appropriate measures. These parameters are very important for Google and Co. when it comes to search engine optimization. As a rule, SEO OffPage Optimization is always preceded by SEO OnPage Optimization.

SEO OffPage Optimization

The term "OffPage" describes all measures outside the website to be optimized. It is no longer sufficient to simply increase the relevance of websites. Good visibility in search engines is influenced by the quantity and quality of incoming links to a website. This is referred to as backlinks, i.e. a back reference to the respective page.

Topics such as link building (links to your website), social signals (publications in social media), public relations, reputation (reputation on the Internet) and brand management (brand awareness) are elementary components of SEO OffPage Optimization.

Our SEO agency devotes special attention to natural link building and PR work in the area of OffPage Optimization because these decide on which position your page is displayed at Google in the search results. The more topic-relevant backlinks are created, the better the Google ranking for the relevant keywords will be.

Graphics, videos & Co.

Our SEO agency knows the criteria for the Google ranking very well. A professional SEO optimization does not only include the placement of the optimal keywords, but also the integration of graphics and videos. This is why the specialists at our SEO agency constantly focus on these points. In addition, we design the metadata according to the criteria relevant to search engines. The integration of social media is also important for successful SEO optimization.

Since Google especially rewards the time visitors spend on an interesting website, we also integrate Facebook & Co. as required. In addition, we generate links and backlinks and therefore attach particular importance to a sustainable SEO Google optimization. With us as SEO agency you can expect the following: Professional search engine optimization that can meet your high demands!

Data protection and search engine optimization

At first glance, the connection between data security and search engine optimization may not be obvious. The SEO experts in our agency deal with the Google criteria on a daily basis. We therefore know that data protection is an important element for Google and is rewarded accordingly. On 25 May 2018, in the EU the Basic Data Protection Regulation came into force. It regulates the protection of personal data of website visitors. Our agency combines legally compliant data protection with search engine optimization for Google. This ensures legally binding compliance with the Basic Data Protection Regulation.

What characterizes a good SEO agency?

Comprehensive and target-oriented consulting is the be-all and end-all for our agency as well as for the creation of a successful website. In order to be able to offer you tailor-made search engine optimization, it is particularly important for us as a SEO agency that we know you and your company. The more information we have about your company, the more efficiently we can accentuate your unique selling proposition with an appropriate search engine optimization. This not only ensures optimal searchability on the net, but also a high recognition value. Our SEO agency is at your disposal for a non-binding initial telephone consultation. Just give us a call and see for yourself. We will be happy to put together a free offer especially tailored to your needs.

We are looking forward to a joint and successful web project!