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Published at 19.07.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Fast loading times

Fast loading times of a website are more important than ever for the ranking on Google. Because the Internet has become more fast-paced. Users prefer to access information more quickly...

Published at 03.05.2017 from Christoph Bayr

Topic-relevant content

Whether the information educates, amuses, stimulates, entertains or simply informs us is not so important. Much more important and satisfying is the fact that Google always provides us with the...

Published at 03.01.2017 from Nadja Tscherner

Header tags and their correct use

The header tags are used to highlight headings and make them more visible. Here, the correct application is particularly important, and less is sometimes more. Therefore the H1 tag may...

Published at 11.06.2016 from Nadja Tscherner

Homepage creation

We create your website with everything that is necessary to successfully appear on the Internet. Whether you need a website with pure presentation character to present your products and services...

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